We allow 3 active installations for each purchase. We keep track of the number of active installations via the registration code. So if you want to uninstall from one computer and install on another, please do the following so that our records of active registrations can be updated appropriately.

To move a HIC.SOAP STANDARD installation please do the following

  1. Backup program on old installation. IOL DATABASE OPERATIONS program : BACKUP HOME DATABASE
  2. Install on new computer. The clinic name MUST be the same on the new as it is on the old.
  3. Transfer database backup file from STEP 1 from old to new computer. Don't leave the backup file on a USB flash drive. Please copy the file to the hard drive.
  4. Restore database from backup on new computer. IOL DATABASE OPERATIONS program : RESTORE HOME DATABASE. Please be sure the clinic name is identical or the restore will not work.
  5. Verify that new installation is working well. You get 30 days of free use before trial expires.
  6. On old installation, run the Registration Removal. Then email the removal code to
  7. Email registration code to from new installation to get new unlock key.