Charge Twice?

An infrequent response to our policy of requiring a current support subscription to provide an unlock key, is to accuse us of charging twice for a license.

So let's be clear - if you want to install the exact program that you purchased (not an update that we released after you purchased it) on the computers that you installed it on at the time, your original unlock keys will work. It is only the providing of new unlock keys to facilitate the use of an updated version of HICSOAP or the installation of any version on a different computer that requires a current, support subscription.

We don't make working, unlocked, installed versions of HICSOAP stop working when your subscription expires.

Our requiring the purchase of a support subscription is not for a license. To run on current Windows Platforms, we have to continually update the software. To provide current software requires programmers and to provide unlock keys and support requires technical support employees. This is why we have an Annual Subscription.

With the Annual Subscription you always have access to the latest software (we provide releases 4 to 8 times a year) and it covers all of your installations.

So to summarize, it is not necessary to pay for a subscription to continue using the software that you received when you purchased it on the computer that you installed it on at the time. You are always allowed to install that version and the UNLOCK KEYS that you have are always valid on those existing computers. Providing new UNLOCK KEYS requires technical support which requires an ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION. The Subscription provides additional benefits as described in this PDF.