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Initial Install Trial

After being installed for the first time on a computer, HICSOAP is in trial mode, a fully funcitionaling version that will work for 30 days. In order, to get past the trial mode an unlock key must be entered. A subscription must be purchased in order to receive the unlock key.

So, yes, simply purchasing HICSOAP for $1895 does not give you an unlock key. In addition to the initial purchase, a subscription must also be purchased.

Initial Purchase (license)

One license of HCSOAP PROFESSIONAL, STANDARD, or DELUXE gives you 3 active installations. So that means you can install it on 3 computers and then if one of them blows up you can install it on a fourth for a total of 3 active installations. To help us maintain our database of licenses we require (when it's possible) that you remove registrations from unused installations.

Additional Licenses

You can buy an additional license giving you 3 additional active installations just like your initial purchase. After the initial purchase, you also have the additional option of buying a 1-install license for just one computer after your initial purchase of the 3 installs ($1895 or $1595).  The single install license cost is $695.


We license to a business. There are some special cases and caveats...

What's an installation?

Regarding the 3 active's an installation on a Windows machine. A physical computer could have multiple virtual machines running on it. If each virtual machine was running Windows, each would require one of the 3 installations. 


For PROFESSIONAL, there are no restrictions on how many installations can access the database except theoretical ones imposed by Microsoft's underlying technology and that number would be well over 50. Of course, you have to have a license to use the program in the first place. But it would be possible to install HICSOAP in trial mode on 50 computers and have all of them open the database at the same time.

Citrix and Terminal Server

There is a separate license for Citrix and Microsoft Terminal Server.


Once you are licensed to use a particular version (e.g. the 2016.0621 release) and a specific installation is unlocked then you can use that specific installation forever. However, a support subscription is required to use new releases or to get unlock keys.

Also, only 1 support subscription is necessary to cover all installations whether it be 1 or 100. Unless as mentioned above under Licensee, the installations are in different cities. Then each location requires a separate support subscription.