These are instructions for how to download. All actual downloading is done at which links to

Platinum and Gold are levels of support. There is no Platinum version. There is no Gold version of our program.

Deluxe and Professional are the two different software programs that we sell. The install programs are identical so it actually doesn't matter which one you want - there is only one download. Whether you get the features of the PROFESSIONAL or DELUXE is completely determined by what unlock key we give you and that is, of course, determined by which one you purchased.

You can download the software from You don't have to login to download the software so don't worry about logins and passwords. Download today with or without paying and start working with a fully functioning, 30 day trial. A support subscription that expires after the release date of a version of HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL/DELUXE is required to effectively use that HICSOAP release. Read more about our support policy here. To download HICSOAP, go to and click on DOWNLOAD.