There are 2 approaches to backing up the data in HICSOAP - backup the database file directly or use the HICSOAP program to create a backup file.

The first approach - backup the database file directly

This requires first determining the database file location. Then when HICOAP is closed you backup that file just like backing up any other file like a Word document, for example. This could be as simple as copying it to a USB flash drive or as complicated as using a tape backup system.

The second approach - using the backup capabilities in HICSOAP 

This has 2 methods or approaches

Error Message

If you received the error message "Unable to create a database backup. Hard drive may be full.” then you should look at how the backup is configured on that workstation. If the database is being backed up elsewhere then you could completely disable the backup on this workstation. If you want to keep the backup then you should verify that you have read/write access to the specified backup folder and that there is enough free space on that drive. A good rule of thumb is that a hard drive should have at least 20% free space for problem free operation. If you don't have access or enough free space then you'll have to change the backup location to a drive that works.