Duplicate Patients

The system (HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL + biometer (IOL MASTER/LENSTAR)) doesn't support in a consistent, elegant way multiple people with the same name or the same person being scanned more than once. If you have a patient measured by the biometer more than once (or equivalently another patient with the same name) then there are 2 options. One, you can give him a new name so that his data will be imported into HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL. Or two you can delete the pre-existing data in HICSOAP.

A common situation in which this arises is when a patient returns many years after his first surgery and you measure him again. For example if John Public returns for another procedure, enter him as John Public2 in the biometer. Giving the patient a different name in the biometer will then allow you to import him into HICSOAP. If you don't do this then the original patient's data may get overwritten. This is a known issue.

UNPREDICTABLE RESULTS OCCUR WHEN A PATIENT HAS MULTIPLE PREOP LENSTAR MEASUREMENTS … THIS SHOULD NOT BE DONE! If a patient is to be measured a 2nd or 3rd time preoperatively, then the best fix is to ADD A “2” after the last name, and if a 3rd a 3 after the last name. You may then examine the 2 or 3 exams and then choose the one that you want to IMPORT. If you have already IMPORTED the 1st exam, then you may delete it on the Patient Locator SCREEN, since the last name will not have a 2 or 3.