Built-in Move

This is useful for moving the database for use by the same installation that is used to do the Move. To move the actual database file from its current location to a new location, from the MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> MOVE DATABASE

Manual Move

This approach is useful for moving the database from one computer to another, e.g. from Installation/Computer A to computer/Installation B.

  1. Backup program on installation A. MAIN MENU -> UTILITIES -> DATABASE -> BACKUP
  2. Move the backup file created in step 1 to computer B. This could be done using a USB flash drive or email.
  3. Verify that HICSOAP is working on computer B. A new installation can be configured to use a blank database.
  4. Restore database from backup on computer B. MAIN MENU -> UTILITIES -> DATABASE -> RESTORE. This will erase the data in the current database and replace it with the data in the backup.