Multiple Databases

The typicaly setup is to have one database file. By default it is c:\HicSoapPro\Data\HicDatabase.hdf and the automatic backup creates backups every day in the c:\HicSoapPro\Backup folder. This is configured via MAIN MENU -> PROGRAM & SURGEON SETUP : ADVANCED SETTINGS tab. There is a setting for the DEFAULT DATABASE and for the AUTOMATIC BACKUP folder.

Database -> Open

The OPEN OTHER DATABASE button accessed via the MAIN MENU -> DATABASE button just temporarily opens another database. When you close HICSOAP and open it again, it will revert back to the DEFAULT DATABASE. This is commonly used by Dr Holladay when someone emails him a database to evaluate. This is a good method if you have databases that you don't access often.

Desktop Shortcut

If you commonly access additional databases besides the one configured as the DEFAULT DATABASE. Then you should create an additional ShortCut on the Desktop and specify the database in the command line. 

The full text in the TARGET filed is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Holladay\HicSoapPro\HicPro.exe" "C:\HicSoapPro\Data\SecondDatabase.hdf"

Automatic Backup

The question naturally arises as to how does the automatic backup work in this scenario, i.e. more than one database.

Starting with version 2014.0428, you can specify a different automatic backup folder for each database. This is done by simply making the configuration change while the relevant database is open at MAIN MENU -> PROGRAM & SUREGON SETUP : ADVANCED SETTINGS tab : Automatic Backup setting.

You can verify the setting by opening each database and double checking the Automatic Backup setting.