A Gold or Platinum Subscription is necessary to receive Updates (new IOLs, bug fixes, new features, etc. ), Unlock Keys, and Technical Support for our Software.


  • Gold is $300 per year.

  • Platinum is $400 per year and it is the same as Gold plus it provides phone support. You can renew for a 2 year period for $775.00, saving $25.00. Or you can renew for a 3 year period for $1150.00, saving $50.00.

  • You only need 1 subscription per business regardless of how many installations you have.

  • If a business has a locations in two different cities then each location needs a separate subscription.

  • When you buy a subscription, it lasts for 1 year from date of purchase.


You can purchase a subscription at


When a new license of HICSOAP is first purchased, it is required to also buy a support SUBSCRIPTION (for Tech Support & Updates). As a NEW CUSTOMER, it will last from the day you get the UNLOCK KEY.

Terminal Server

The Citrix/TerminalServer license includes Platinum Support.