This explains how to move an installation of HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL/DELUXE from one computer to another.

We allow 3 active installations for each purchase. We keep track of the number of active installations via the registration code. So if you want to uninstall from one computer and install on another, please do the following so that our records of active registrations can be updated appropriately.

Initial Steps

  1. Backup database. MAIN MENU -> UTILITIES -> DATABASE -> BACKUP.

  2. Determine the location of the database file. This can be determined from MAIN MENU -> DATABASE ->PATIENT DATABASE FILE (at top of the screen)

  3. Determine the current working version number. The version number is in the upper left-hand corner of MAIN MENU and is in the form of a date like 2010.0624.

  4. Download the latest version from

  5. Install on the new computer. When asked indicate that you want to use a new, blank database.

Steps for Networked installation with database file on server

  1. Change the database that is automatically loaded from the newly created empty database to the one one server. MAIN MENU -> PROGRAM & SURGEON SETUP : Advanced tab : first setting

  2. Close HICSOAP and open it again. Verify that the correct database file is being opened. MAIN MENU -> DATABASE : patient database file location in upper left-hard corner

  3. If the version number of the new installation is different than the other installations you'll need to update the other installations.

Steps for Non-networked installation

  1. Transfer database backup file created in Initial Setup from old to new computer.

  2. Restore database from backup on new computer. MAIN MENU -> UTILITIES -> DATABASE -> RESTORE. Please don't restore from a backup file on a network drive or USB flash drive. For inexplicable reasons, that sometimes doesn't work. Please first copy the backup file to the hard drive with the new installation. And then restore from that file.

Finishing and Registering

  1. Verify that the new installation is working well. You get 30 days of free use before the trial expires.

  2. On the old installation, run the Registration Removal. MAIN MENU -> UTILITIES -> REMOVE REGISTRATION. Then email the removal code to

  3. Unlock: Email registration number from the new installation to to get the new unlock key.

Support Issue

Please keep in mind that you need to have a support subscription to receive UNLOCK KEYS. If you don't have a support subscription and you download a recent release of HICSOAP from, then 30 days after installation it will stop working.