You have HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL working at the office and you want to access the same data from home or from another office. There are two ways to do it - remote access like and networking using a VPN.

Remote Access

The easiest and simplest way to access the office installation and database is to use remote access. To do this 


A more complicated but possibly more useful solution is to configure a virtual private network so that your home computer or remote office can be on the office network over the Internet. Once it's configured your home computer acts just like any other computer on the office network. So you can access the shared HicSoap database from an installation on the home computer just like any other workstation at the office.

VPN - Problem

Please read about problems with WAN network connections.

VPN - multiple offices

The only reason why you would want to do this if there were doctors that worked on multiple locations in which case you would want all their data in the same database so that HICSOAP could calculate PLCs. Otherwise, there is no value - having a different database at each location is fine.

However, if you want to install HICSOAP at one location and have it open a database stored at a different location then you would need to setup a VPN. This is not something that I can help you with. Once the VPN is setup then opening the database on the remote server via the VPN is just like opening it on a server on the local LAN.

VPN - Backup

If you are connected to the database via a VPN, then it is recommended to turn automatic backup off. Transferring the database file over the VPN may take a long time depending on the size of the database and the connection speed.

Third non-networked solution

The third approach is to make a backup copy of the data from the office computer onto a flash drive, take the flash drive home, and restore from backup on the installation at home. This gives you a copy of the database. Changes to the office or home wouldn't sync or update each other. For detailed instructions read about MANUAL MOVE.

Dropbox will not work

It might occur to try using cloud syncing services like or or Google Drive. I have never tried this, however, having used dropbox to sync Word documents I think it would be technically possible to accomodate non-simultaneous access. But in practice, I think it would be a terrible idea. Sync services like Dropbox sync files - not records in a database. They have no insight into what's inside the database. So if you change one piece of data, the whole database needs to be synced. This is in contrast to using the program on a LAN in which case under the hood only pieces of the database change.