Slow to Start

A problem that some customs have is that after using the program for several months the program is getting slower to start.

During startup the program does three things:

  1. Verifies the database integrity
  2. Creates a backup file (this is done only once a day).
  3. Calculates the PLCs

If you have accumulated lots of pre and post-op data then the program will take some time starting to calculate the PLCs. There is nothing that can be done about this except use a faster computer. If it takes a long time to start only once a day, then this is due to the backup operation. Here are a few things to try:

  1. Follow the general computer maintenance steps.
  2. Do a database repair. MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> REPAIR. This will compact the database data and therefore shrink the size of the database. If this has not been done ever or in a long time then this can drastically shrink the size of the database which can dramatically speed up the program.
  3. Try disabling the automatic backup and see if that helps
  4. If disabling the automatic backup helped and you are using a network drive to store your data, you could backup to a local drive instead of the network drive.

A discussion of network slowness is here.