The Short version

Go to click on the DOWNLOADS TAB and the latest version is always available. Click on it and INSTALL THE PROGRAM. Be sure that all of your other STATIONS are running the latest version also. The NEW COMPUTER will generate a NEW REGISTRATION # which you email and we will send you an UNLOCK KEY soon.

The long version

Scroll down looking for "STEP 1" for actual install instructions.

Please Note

  1. You cannot install on Windows 3.1, 95, 98, or ME, or Windows RT. You must install on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. The last version to support Windows 2000 is 2010.0821. The last version to support Windows XP is 2016.1210.
  2. Always run the latest version of the software. The latest version is available at
  3. Anti-virus and firewall software frequently interferes so disabling security software is a good idea. You may re-enable it after you run the program for the first time.
  4. The program will run for 30 days after installation before an unlock key is needed.
  5. Multiple workstations accessing the same database must run the exact same version. So updating one necessitates updating the others.

Installation requires ADMINISTRATOR Rights

When using the program you don’t need administrative rights. However, you do need administrative rights when

    1. installing the program
    2. running the program for the first time
    3. entering the unlock key

On Windows 7, Vista and 10, Windows uses UAC (User Account Control) to facilitate temporary escalation of your rights to ADMINISTRATOR. So getting ADMINISTRATOR rights on Windows 7, Vista, and 10 is Easy. If installing on Windows Vista, 7, or 10, you can right-click and click "run as administrator" when installing to force it to run with ADMINISTRATOR privileges. FYI, it is possible for UAC to be disabled and then it would be impossible for Windows to install with ADMINISTRATOR privileges.

Getting ADMINISTRATOR rights in Windows 2000 and XP is more difficult. You need to temporarily add your Windows USER to the local ADMINISTRATOR group.


Step 2 - Run the installation program.

  1. The installation program requires ADMINISTRATOR privileges. Please read above about this.
  2. Accept all defaults during the install.

Step 3 - Run the application for the first time.

  1. Important: The program must have administrative privileges the first time it’s run and when you enter the unlock key.
  2. REGISTRATION FORM - You will be presented with a REGISTRATION from. Fill in the form and click TRY PROFESSIONAL or TRY DELUXE now to use the program. When you are ready you can UNLOCK the program.
  3. DATABASE INITIALIZATION - A dialog will be presented to initialize the database. Please select the option to create a new database (Option A) and press OK.

Step 4 - Unlock

And now you are all done!

Frequent causes of installation problems

  1. Security software gets in the way.
  2. In-correct file permissions on database file and folder.
  3. Not having installed Microsoft Windows updates.
  4. On Windows XP, not being a member of the local administrators group. After it's running and unlocked the user's rights can be restricted.
  5. Logging in as one user to install and another user to use the program.