To update PROFESSIONAL/DELUXE to the latest version, it's necessary to have a current support subscription. If you don't have a support subscription please read the support page about what version you are allowed to install for free. To update HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL (or DELUXE) to the latest version you can click on the UPDATE button in HICSOAP itself or download and install from the website. For many installations the UPDATE button is broken. For that reason, I always recommend the Manual Update approach detailed below.

Before proceeding please read about whether you should update or not and what you get when you update.

Please Note

These apply to both the Automatic and Manual approach.

  1. These instructions assume that the program is currently working and unlocked.
  2. Please do not uninstall first.
  3. Please do not REMOVE REGISTRATION.
  4. You will not have to unlock again or deal with registration at all. Unless you are installing a release that you aren't licensed for via the new support policy.

Manual Update

  1. Delete all HICSOAP icons on the DESKTOP and task bar. This avoids this problem.
  2. Download manually
  3. Install the update by right-clicking the file you downloaded in step #2 and then clicking RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

Networked Situation

Every installation accessing the same database should be running the same version. So updating one workstation will require updating all the workstations. In this situation, you shouldn't use the Automatic Option. So in the networked situation you want to use Manual approach. The steps for doing so are...

  1. Close all installations of HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL.
  2. Make a Backup: Run HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL and from the MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> BACKUP. Make a note of the backup file name and location. You'll only need it if there is a problem.
  3. Close all installations of HICSOAP PROFESSIONAL.
  4. Upgrade each installation using Manual from above.
  5. Verify that each installation is running the same, exact version. Start each installation and determine the version number from the upper left hand-corner of the MAIN MENU.
  6. Verify that each installation is accessing the same database file.