No Support

To purchase a support subscription go to and click ORDER NOW under Gold or Platinum Subscription. This will facilitate your receiving technical support, getting Unlock Keys, and getting program updates.

If you don't have support. Then you can not

  • receive Technical Support

  • get Program Updates.

  • receive Unlock Keys

Here are some of the new features that are in the latest release of HICSOAP that you can get after you purchase a support subscription

  • all of the available new IOLs (Symfony, Symfony Toric, etc)

  • the Wang/Koch Axial length adjustment in Long Eyes

  • Holladay Nonlinear Axial Length Adjustment in long eyes which is more accurate than the Wang/Koch and is specific for the Holladay 1 and 2

  • the most accurate Front and Back Toric IOL calculations

  • Outcomes analysis on Toric and Non-toric IOLs

  • the ability to run in Windows 10 and 11 (older versions of HICSOAP only run in Windows XP on Windows 7 which are no longer supported by Microsoft and therefore are a security risk if you are using them.)

When a customer does not have support, I usually email them this PDF.