1. General Computer Maintenance - This is not specific to the HICSOAP program in general, but I have found these tasks to be useful for a smooth-running computer in general.

  2. At least once a quarter, do a database repair. MAIN MENU -> DATABASE -> REPAIR. It doesn't hurt at all to do it more often.

  3. Backup folder configuration - Verify plenty of space.

  4. Update to latest version

  5. If the database is stored on a server, verify the network performance.

  6. Verify appropriate folders are whitelisted in your security software. This would include the folder where your database is located and the folder of the HICSOAP program.

  7. Verify settings are the same on each installation

    • Installation version - Each installation accessing the same database should be running the same version of the software.

    • Database location - Each installation should be accessing the same exact Database. If you are using drive letters, please confirm that the drive letters are mapped to the same shared folder.

  8. Archive old patient data files exported by biometers (LENSTAR, IOLMASTER, etc). Patient data is exported into small files to a folder by the software associated with LENSTAR and IOLMASTER. The default export folder for the Lenstar's EyeSuite software is c:\HolladayII but it could be configured to be any folder. And the IOLMASTER by default exports to the shared EXPORT folder. In both cases, over time the number of files can become quite large (over 500). You should create a subfolder called OLD or ARCHIVE and move files older than a few months into this folder. Older IOLMASTERs don't export 1 patient to 1 file but instead export all patients into 1 MDB file and therefore this archival process is not relevant.