Upgrade from STANDARD

So, you want to upgrade from STANDARD to PROFESSIONAL. Here are the steps

Step 1 - Determine what you currently own

STANDARD with HIC only or HIC and SOAP. Then we can determine the upgrade cost. The pricing information is copied from hicsoap.com and is not guaranteed to be up-to-date.

Deluxe Edition: UPGRADE $600 from STANDARD HIC ONLY.

Deluxe Edition: UPGRADE $300 from STANDARD HIC AND SOAP.

Professional Edition: $900 from STANDARD HIC ONLY.

Professional Edition: $600 from STANDARD HIC AND SOAP.

Also you should purchase either the Gold or Platinum Subscription which gives you technical support and program updates and lens database updates. The Gold Subscription is $300.00 annually and provides you with email support and updates of the program. The Platinum Subscription is $400.00 annually and provides you with Gold support plus telephone support.

Step 2 - Download

Step 3 - Install

Regardless of where your old STANDARD is installed - this computer or another - when installing PROFESSIONAL ignore the fact that you are upgrading from STANDARD. Please install PROFESSIONAL and get it up and running with a blank/new database.

Step 4 - Import data from STANDARD

For over 20 years, PROFESSIONAL was able to import data from STANDARD. Maintaining that backwards compatibility in data format limited the ability of PROFESSIONAL. So starting in 2019 it's no longer possible to import data from STANDARD. Prior to that we said...

If you have a SUPPORT SUBSCRIPTION (Deluxe or Platinum but not complimentary) then you can email your database or a backup of your STANDARD database to support@hicsoap.com and technical support can convert the database. This assumes that your database is not corrupted.

To make the backup of your database, IOL DATABASE OPERATIONS program : BACKUP HOME DATABASE

Support will email back the converted database file, HicDatabase.hdf, which you can replace your current database file with. In STEP 3, you installed PROFESSIONAL with a blank database so replacing it should not result in lost data. To replace the database, first determine the location of your current database file, close HICSOAP, rename or delete your current empty database file, and then copy/move the database file we emailed you to the same location and file name.

Step 4 Alternative - start over with an empty database

Starting over with an empty database is not as bad as it sounds. Like anyone starting from scratch you need to enter your SURGEONS, your active lenses, and then start entering patient data.

The big question is whether you had been using STANDARD to calculate PLCs. If so then after you enter your Surgeons and their respective lenses, then you should enter the PLC as a Surgeon Constant. Once you have accumulated enough new pre and post-op data, HICSOAP will calculate a new PLC.

Step 5 - Use it during your fully functional 30 day trial.

Step 6 - Purchase

The CD

Step 7 - Unlock

If you were able to import data from STANDARD to PROFESSIONAL then the following is relevant...

US vs IOL Master issue

The old program (STANDARD) only had the concept of 1 keratometer. The new program (PROFESSIONAL/DELUXE) implements a distinction between US and IOL Master (optical). In the old there was no way to keep track of US versus Optical. Because of this, when converting from STANDARD to PRO/DELUXE, the program assumes all axial lengths were US. In many cases, the STANDARD edition was used for optical as well as US. In some cases, the Doctors may have used the PROCEDURE CODE and made it PHACO IOLM when measured optically and PHACO STD when using US, so they knew which were IOL Master.

For patients with no POST-OP data, you simply have to manually edit their PRE-OP data in the new program to accurately reflect whether the US or IOL Master was used to do the measurements.

In the cases where POST-OP data was entered there is a way to convert US measurements to IOL Master. When upgrading the database to the new version, you will be asked if you want to CONVERT US AL TO IOLM. When you know this is applicable for a certain IOL, this option allows you to change the values for that IOL from US to OPTICAL. If all of your old lenses (or some, since you can select) were actually measured on the IOL Master then answer YES and it will change all of the US values to Optical. If you don’t do this on installation or when first running the program, you can revisit this by MAIN MENU -> UTILITIES -> CONVERT US AL TO IOLM.